Socks. Socks! Socks!!

Welcome Traveler.


Take a load off your feet and throw away those worn dank white or black socks.. or at least to the back of the drawer.



Honestly, I LOVE socks. 

COLORFUL socks. 

I find such joy in seeing my feet from time to time throughout the day.  

I complete projects at the office and end up feeling wiped out, exhausted, mentally drained.  

I look around the room, blah blah blah...

papers everywhere, stacks of further workload. 

I spot my feet and see the WONDERFUL design peeking out between my shoe and pant-leg.  

I start to smile. 

I chuckle... if no one is around 😉

okay.. even sometimes when people ARE around.



It is so simple, such a small thing. 

Is it because the crazy fun design is hidden from the world and an exciting secret to myself?


One thing I know for certain...

I truly feel a burst of joy that carries me through the remainder of the day.

It's unexplainable aside from just that it brings happiness!


Even when I'm not at the office.  

While shopping at the market.

Countless times, I have been minding my own business.

When I notice a couple of people giggling, smiling, and moving along. 

At first. I'm puzzled. 🤔

I look around... Wait a sec...


I begin to smile again at the realization they had spotted the "hidden" gems upon my feet.


Socks are great! I'll shout it out at the top of the mountain.

In fact, I have done so!! Hah. Fun times!

When you are excited about something, the best thing and only thing you want to do is share that excitement with others! 


Come check out my socks! 

It only takes a moment.

I have

Crazy Designs.

Animal Socks.

Nostalgic Socks!

Food lovers anyone? These are neat!

Even ones from masterful paintings and artwork!



Now.. I understand, not everyone enjoys a picture on their feet. 

I also carry less subtle socks for those who still want to add a little PIZZAZZ to their life 😃

Follow the links below to start your journey of a thousand steps.

Or a thousand socks! 

Well.. okay.. maybe quite a few less than that.

But one or two pairs is a good start! 



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"Whether we're talking stocks or socks, I like buying quality merchandise when it's marked down." - Warren Buffett