About Us


Two friends were a couple of dreamers that set out on a mission to generate ONE MILLION compliments by taking an ordinary bland accessory and turning it fun by going beyond the boring blacks, whites, and grays that so many people wear by default. 

They ventured into the land of patterns, colors, and wonder. They represented a breed that is proud to be “that guy or that gal" - the one that naturally stands out.

Their original hometown of Barcelona, Spain was the source of their inspiration with its prominent culture valuing creativity, independence, and community. Sockability socks are woven together with top-quality designs and materials, tailored to fit every taste, lifestyle, and smile.

After over a decade in business, Lukas and Michael's lives have taken a new path.  Rather than closing shop, they wanted to keep their dream alive.


That is when they discovered Entrepreneur Ethan across the seas in America.  

He lives halfway around the globe but lives the same exotic colorful lifestyle.  Socks have always been an outlet of expressionism. 

Without speaking a word to a friend, a coworker, or even a random stranger, smiles were shared and conversations have been started.  A gaze upon the feet brought giggles and laughter, a bright smile =D 

Ethan strives to lead Sockability to new heights with the same vision as the Original Two.  The goal is still the same: to bring the best creative novelty designs to sock lovers everywhere, always with excellent customer service and uncompromising quality.

No Boring Socks!  Anywhere!